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Sugar Daddy (Travis's, #1) - Lisa Kleypas This story kept me guessing and awake all night long. I wanted to just skip to the end to know who Liberty will end up with if only I could forgo relishing the revelations and temperature-raising scenes which filled the pulp of the book.

Lisa Kleypas writes really good historical romance. I immediately became her fan and a We Love Lisa Kleypas group member after I sampled [b:Then Came You|9758764|Then Came You|Jennifer Weiner|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1308787263s/9758764.jpg|14648079]. I have once been burned when one of my favorite historical romance authors did not write as well when she switched to contemporary romance so I wasn't so hyped up into reading the Travis Family series even if group members were gushing over the oh-so-hot drool-inducing alpha male Travises.

I've been reading historical romance for months when I felt that I need a change and since Kleypas is one of my auto-buy/auto-download author, I already have copies of her contemporary titles in my reader. I started with Sugar Daddy because it has such an intriguing title then I'm hooked. I've been reading the Travises series one after the other, one book in less than 24-hours. I even read sneakily in our company meeting! Though this is more of a chick-lit than regular contemporary romance, Kleypas absolutely nailed it.

The characters seemed really living and breathing. I can connect and empathize with them. They are complex but Kleypas provided enough background information to make you understand how they came to be that way prompting you to reverse your initial judgment. They are examples of sociological and psychological victims who tried to survive the world. Some failed, others succeeded, and there are others who found just the right complex fit to their complexities.

These are my favorite quotes from the story:

"Next time I give you a present, all you need to do is say a simple "thank you" and have sex with me. That's all the repayment I need."

That from a male who is kind and protective, ready to accept all your baggage and gorgeous to boot. A win-win situation. That is, she get's to win two things for a thank you. Damn lucky girl.

"...didn’t tell me about what you’d done, even though he had the perfect opportunity. Because he wasn’t going to let you drive a wedge between us. He forgave me without being asked, without even letting me know I’d betrayed him. That’s love..."

Plus patience and not being pushy, that's action speaking volumes than words.

Yeah, I'm in already in love with the winner alpha male.

I felt dismayed about "the love of her life" for what his ambitions drove me to do but I would still take him on (if he'll ask me) for his scorching hotness and for his acts of kindness before he did what he did.