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Rush - Maya Banks "Whoa! Stop right there and drop that book."

That's what I would probably say to my future daughter if I ever see her showing interest in reading this novel. I would reserve this for more mature individuals. She could read this when she at least turns thirty, maybe!

I grabbed a copy of this book after seeing [b:Burn Breathless 3|16033909|Burn (Breathless, #3)|Maya Banks|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1359944814s/16033909.jpg|21805191] hit #1 in the New York Times bestseller list [talk about high expectations] without consulting synopsis, reviews and genre because I don't want to stumble upon spoilers.

After putting off reading the Fifty Shades trilogy until I'm more mature myself because of the reviews describing it as very erotic but having read this instead, I feel that I have broken a self-imposed rule. I do not regret reading this though, it was rather sweet as the story neared its end and I always finish reading a novel however I dislike its first pages.

The trilogy's title Breathless is much appropriate, parts of the book actually left me breathless and I did not even realize it until I heard myself inhale deeply several times.

Mia: Yeah, right. You want to grow professionally. Crap! That was not your motivation. You didn't even know if you'll get to really do any office work. How could you agree to take part into something that has very vague limitations? I did not read about that spine really asserting itself. Does it really have to go as far as getting physically abused for you to say "No?" You were already reluctant when they entered the door, why did you not say no right then?

Gabe: Are you cracked? People who went through nasty divorce didn't get paranoid to the point that they'll get into contractual relationships. And the terms of the contract lessened your appeal as partner-for-life. I think you lacked sensitivity. That thing you made Mia do in Paris is unforgivable.

I would not categorize the love story as something I would like to get myself into but this lengthy review is a testament that it definitely made an impression. I'm more into novels with lots of emotions showing vulnerabilities and issues which makes me connect with the characters but I did not much of that in this novel, hence the it was ok rating.

The book cover should include this:

This, Dear Daughter, is literary porn. That's why.

Me talking at 26-years and, definitely, will be reading the other two books. Teehee!