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A Rake's Vow - Stephanie Laurens Another virtue for a name... Patience. This play with virtues as names is testing my patience. I keep trying to gauge if the heroine is living up to her name which is a rather distracting.

What is the title A Rake's Vow for? I did not read any evidence of Vane's rakishness except that he is exceptionally good-looking. Having an Vane-obsessed female trying to seduce Vane would have helped convince me. What is the vow? Is it that he'll never marry? If it is that, he did not take much time changing his mind which defeats the meaning of the word vow. A more fitting title would have been Patience's Vow since she's the one who did not want to get married.

The identities of the culprits are quite obvious but the story just keeps dragging on and on. I got bored.